Near-Surface Imaging for land & offshore Infrastructure and Renewables Industry

Full spectrum of geophysical, geological and hydrographical services to de-risk projects


Service provider of advanced geophysical imaging from land to sea

Argeo Survey provide site-survey data acquisition, processing and geological modelling for projects located on land, transition zone to shallow and deep sea. With specialized tools, methods and technology we can support any imaging challenge with high quality data de-risking the construction phase, ultimately reducing total project cost.

Offshore site-survey geophysical services

Argeo offer a broad spectrum geophysical services for several offshore applications, including Oil & Gas and Windfarm services.

  • Ultra High Resolution: UHD 2D & 3D streamer seismic
  • High Resolution : HR2D & HR3D streamer seismic
  • Deep water refraction: ARGOS-X1000 seabed cable
  • Multibeam, Singlebeam batymetri, Side Scan Sonar Geophysical Data Acquisition
  • Sub-Bottom-Profiler (SBP)
  • Hydrographical and Geophysical Data Processing

Near-Surface geological characterisation can be completed either by surface vessel or using a purpose built Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV). Regardless of acquisition method, Argeo apply advanced processing and interpretation of acquired data and present this in a integrated geological model.



Land site-survey geophysical services

Traditional refraction seismic is the most commonly used site-survey method for geophysical engineering applications. With more modern seismic sources (vibroseis and drop hammers) where a significant increase in resolution is made possible, combined with available processing and interpretation software have increased the use of reflection seismic for geo-engineering projects.

Argeo can do both, in 2D or 3D depending on project requirements.

3D refraction survey all geophone’s recording shots fired contentiously

Bedrock surface after digital “excavation” of top-layer sediments

Combination of electric tomography from resistivity and reflection seismic.