Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) survey

Argeo provide high quality multi-sensor shallow to deep water survey using Kongsberg AUV technology worldwide.


Argeo have developed a lean data-flow from acquisition to integrated datamodel presenting correlated results in one exportable 3D geological model from sediments to watercolumn, metocean and environmental survey. With battery capacity upto 20 hrs we can acquire a multitude of hydrographical, environmental and geophysical data for any marine project over a large area over a short period of time using a small utility vessel or deployed from shore.

Typical applications

  • Hydrographical survey
  • Oceanography/Metocean
  • Geo Hazard survey
  • Cable and pipeline survey or inspection
  • Route surveys
  • Offshore wind farm site survey
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Aquaculture site survey
  • Environmental/Benthic habitat zone survey
  • O&G infrastructure surveys

Technology and sensor tooling

Specifications of the Argeo operated Kongsberg MUNIN 1500 AUV



Survey sensor tooling

  • Kongsberg EM2040 MBES Kongsberg
  • HISAS 2040 Synthetic Aperture Sonar
  • EdgeTech SBP 4-24 kHz (seismic profiler)
  • CathX Ocean UHD colour still image camera w/LEDSeveral environmental and
  • METOCEAN sensor integration possible

Operations and HSEQ

Operational performance is depending on project requirements (specific parameters) and survey tooling

Argeo has developed a complete HSEQ management plan for AUV data acquisition and processing.

Project references and data examples

Telecom cable detected on Sidescan sonar, shadow from cable on seabed indicate possible cable suspension over rocks/ravine


Telecom cable free hanging between ravines detected by Sidescan and confirmed using Sub-Bottom Profiler data

AUV MBES data slope map in degrees showing the vehicles exceptional ability to accurately map even the most difficult seabed conditions

Quayside/onshore deployment

“The efficiency from a AUV survey and the quality of data is unparalleled by any surface data acquisition system provided geological parameters are met ”

Trond Crantz

Sales manager AUV services

E-mail: trond.crantz(at)
Phone: +47 976 37 273