2D & 3D Land seismic for geotechnical engineering

Argeo operate a Summit X ONE land seismic system

Railroad geotechnical project

The SUMMIT X One system is fully digital and provide flexibility in geophone spacing from minimum 0.5m and WIFI linked recording controllers making rail and road crossing very simple. The X1 system support every conceivable seismic methodology, from simple refraction to more complex reflection surveys.

Technical Specification

Seismic spread layout


Seismic field pictures

Seismic data acquisition for Norwegian Railroad project

Argeo engineers surveying seismic line coordinates prior to deployment and shooting

Project data examples

True 3D (all shots fired into all channels on all receiver-lines) for construction site in Norway

Reflection seismic integrated with resistivity data


2D refraction seismic for railway intersection











Andreas Eide

Principle Geophysicist Near-Surface

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