Marine seismic streamer acquisition and processing for site-surveys

Ultimate tool for marine site-survey investigations - streamer reflection seismic


Argeo employees have over 20 years of seismic streamer reflection experience. We believe reflection seismic is the ultimate tool for site-survey investigation were detailed lithology of sub-surface geology is paramount for a given project. Project results depend on a well planned acquisition geometry, seismic source design and data processing.

Technology and operation

UHR streamer with none homogeneous channel distribution high sampling rate and purposely configured marine low-to-medium frequency source triggered at 0.3 sec. interval result in Ultra High Resolution seismic reflection from seabed to +200m depth of investigation.

Rigging and positioning to move seismic spread out of the vessel wake before carefully balancing streamer for optimum signature

Video showing a UHR project carried out by Argeo to survey a fjord crossing.

Ultra High Resolution seismic acquired by Argeo from Multiconsult geotechnical drilling vessel Borebas 2019

UHR seismic systems calibration prior to survey start

Andreas Eide

Principle Geophysicist Near-Surface

E-mail: andreas.eide(at)
Phone: +47 976 37 273