Health, Seafety, Environment and Quality Management System

Argeo's HSEQ Policy


Commitment to HSEQ

The companies HSEQ management system was implemented early 2018 and defines our standards, guiding principles and code of conduct through all business processes, project delivery, contract management and quality of service. The MS defines our policy regarding care and respect for all employees and contractors alike, environmental impact of our business.

HSEQ system implemented in accordance with NS-ISO9001 og NS-ISO14001


National approval of Argeo Survey
Argeo Survey was the first of the companies to pas a Norwegian qualification of our HSEQ MS system by the Direktoratet for Byggkvalitet and RIF.

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Introduction and description of the Argeo Group HSEQ-MS

Short introduction and description of our HSEQ-MS system


“Our Vision is that the Argeo Group of companies will be a safe place to work. To achieve this, we will work together and take personal responsibility for the safety of ourselves and others”
— Trond Figesnchou Crantz, CEO

Trond Erling Figenschou Crantz


E-mail: trond.crantz(at)
Phone: +47 976 37 273

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