Geophysical acqusition and data processing services

Geophysical Data Processing and Interpretation


Data Processing and Interpretation

Capitalizing from advanced offshore seismic acquisition and processing

Employees with several years of geophysical experience from the service industry in Oil & Gas. Familiar with complex data, acquisition methods and processing workflows integrated with advanced near-surface geological interpretation and modelling technology results in excellent project results with.

Data Processing and interpretation

Most of our data processing take place at our offices in Tromsø. Industry leading software platforms for seismic processing is used in combination with geological interpretation software blended with Argeo developed middlware for efficient transition of data into a visualisation and export platform facilitating final deliverables in most sought after digital formats.

Data processing specifics
-2D og 3D, Fast-Track QC and full data processing
-Time & depth migration
-3D migration
-Multi-line 2D (pseudo 3D)
-3D cube from spars 2D-grid

-2D/3D, ERT/IP Inversion processing
-Multi-line 2D (pseudo 3D)
-Integration & Interpretation
-Pseudo 3D og full 3D volumetric cubes

Project examples

Ultra High Resolution streamer seismic acquired, processed and interpreted. Stacked data ready for geological modelling.

Interpreted geological model from UHR streamer seismic showing bedrock surface ready for digital export

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