Hydrographical Surveying and Data Processing

Multibeam, Streamer seismic, Sub-Bottom Profiler and Sidescan Sonar

Near-Surface Sales

Acquisition, Processing and Visualization of integrated data

Hydrographical processing, visualisation and geological modelling

Argeo have extensive experience with complex data and processing, only industrial standard workflows and systems are utilized and client data security is defined through our HSEQ MS procedures and implemented in our infrastructure. Data management is secured in both ON-PREM and Could storage to safeguard against potential data loss. Client interaction though ML/AI processes facilitate remote supervision with ongoing projects as the data results build from acquisition to final deliverables. Our in-house geological modelling system ArgeoOT are capable of integrating subsea/seismic data with seabed survey data creating a complete hydrographical and geological model from which any surface can be digitally exported to a reasonable cost.

Hydrographical specifics

  • -QPS/CARIS processing and visualization suite
  • ArgeoOT integration and visualisation
  • ArgeoOT modellingQGIS planning, processing and design
    -2D & 3D visualization
    -Analytics and management

Multibeam data 400-650m depth using AUV, acquired and processed by Argeo

Integrated geological model comprising of Multibeam, seismic and geotechnical totalsonding samples

Sidescan sonar data acquired using AUV with 4cm resolution at 420m water depth.