Ocean Bottom Node Seismic

Remotely Operated node seismic solution


Low-cost in-field characterization and imaging services based on a remote controlled autonomous node solution

Argeo Seismic, in partnership with a world-leading subsea technology company has developed a new low-cost near/in-field remote controlled OBN solution.

The new solution does away with the use of dedicated surface vessels for deployment and recovery of seabed seismic nodes, resulting in significant cost saving and reduced carbon footprint during operation.

More information to come as we bring this new and revolutionizing product to market in 2020.

Argeo Seismic are looking for partners for our commercialisation planned field-tests

Argeo Seismic have finalised the technology commercialisation plan for 2019-2020 leading up to final validation test and commercial product offering. We are looking for a partner or partners (JIP) with a strong interest in bringing to market new efficient technology to improve near-field/reservoir seismic imaging at a lower cost and reduced carbon footprint. Participants will get value from learning about the technology and how the solution can be used for their assets, highly valuable data from test surveys, to a significantly reduced cost.

Contact our management team to learn more about this opportunity.



Remote Controlled node solution

Argeo will be offering a Remote Controlled Ocean Bottom Seismic node solution to improve oil recovery through lower cost reservoir seismic imaging during 2020. The new node solution can be deployed for 4D/Time-Laps, undershoot/infill and to monitor reservoirs without expensive permanent systems. Full azimuth OBN seismic with extremely low carbon emission footprint.

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QC Processing of acquired node data

Argeo has implemented a fast-track data-flow for filed QC processing data acquired with our new node solution.

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Data Management

Stay tuned for more information.

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