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Bridges and Crossings

  • Survey planning and selection of method, including HSEQ risk assessment
  • Geophysical and hydrographical data acquisition
  • Sedimentary geological analysis and assessment
  • Geotechnical and geophysical data integration
  • Geological interpretation and modeling


Geo Hazzard

  • Underwater landslide hazard assessments
  • Sonar and Multibeam mapping for slope stability
  • Seabed Resistance
  • Backscatter analysis / hardness


Site Survey

  • Topographic mapping
  • Sediment survey
  • Hydrographic and sedimentary maps
  • Thickness of loose material details
  • Accurate depth to bedrock and rock quality
  • Geological 2D and 3D modeling

Cable Route Survey

  • Cable routes and route survey
  • Before and after installation survey
  • Troubleshooting and cable breakage survey
  • Cable suspension (free-span) risk
  • Cable and pipe inspection

Harbors and Traffic Routes

  • Map with the thickness of loose material
  • Sediment profiles in 2D and 3D
  • 3D bedrock, surface maps including rock quality
  • Integration of geotechnical and geophysical data
  • Plan map for geotechnical drilling based on seismic interpretation


Våre områder

mUHR Seismic

mUHR Seismic

Multi-channel high-resolution (mUHR) seismic with a short hydrophone distance and firing rate. Resolution from 40-60cm vertically with a source that has a reach down to about 200m (below the seabed).

Interpreted Seismic Surfaces in a 3D Model

Interpreted Seismic Surfaces in a 3D Model

Seismic grid (50x50m) 2D survey design processed into high quality and interpreted as a 3D model before integration of geotechnical data.

Total Probes Integrated into a 3D Model

Total Probes Integrated into a 3D Model

After seismic processing and 3D interpretation, geotechnical boreholes are made (total sounding, etc.), and will be integrated and re-interpreted to give the customer the best possible understanding of the risks and challanges of a project before the foundation and design is laid down.


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